About Us.

H. Brooks and Company was founded in 1905 by Harry Brooks, an enterprising 12-year-old with a horse, produce cart and $15.

Today, the company is an industry leader that has been redefining freshness for more than a century. Headed by Harry's grandson, Phillip Brooks, the company continues to pioneer freshness with the help of an extraordinarily innovative and knowledgeable staff - some from families who've been with the company for generations.

A Fresh Perspective.

Smart, innovative and forward thinking, H. Brooks and Company embraces customers like family. When you partner with us you'll feel respected, important, cared for and never taken for granted.

Yes, we've got the best produce in the business. Yes, we deliver it twice as fast. But we're about more than fruit and vegetables. We're innovators and problem solvers. We offer more than off-the-rack solutions. We bring you customized approaches that are informed, cutting-edge and guaranteed to boost the bottom line.

From Apples to Zucchini.

H. Brooks and Company offers nearly 1,000 fresh produce items, 150 fresh organic items, 600 authentic fresh and packaged Hispanic items, legendary caramel apples, logistics and warehousing services, packaged fresh produce services, fresh-cut fruit and veggies and more.

Our Mission.

Our mission is simple. We find and deliver the best produce possible. Period.

This single goal takes the effort of many talented people working together as one. Growers, drivers, retailers and many others have joined with us to become the H. Brooks and Company family. Like all families, there's always room for more. We invite you to join us.

What Our Customers Are Saying.

The term 'partner' is often overused but, when it comes to H. Brooks and Company, it's absolutely true. They are a family-run business that treats us like family. They look out for us. They're continually exploring new ways to make us more profitable. As a result, produce is our fastest growing category with about 20% increases year after year for the last several years. I've been doing business with them for more than 30 years. They're absolutely genuine. It's part of their culture.
Retail Chain - Perishables Director
There are a lot of distributors who have warehouses and trucks and deliver product, but H. Brooks and Company is more than that. They are always thinking strategically about what comes next, so their contribution to our business continues to evolve. Even though we have our own sales staff, we work in partnership with them to leverage our efforts, creating new business opportunities for both companies. We've worked with them for over 20 years and look forward to 20 more.
Grower and Shipper
About four years ago, we had some challenges with our produce. Focusing on cost of goods and everyday or ad retails had limited our vision of high quality and taste. We adjusted our goals and after choosing H. Brooks as our primary partner, sales have increased year after year. Now, instead of hearing negative feedback, our customers tell us we've got the best produce on the market.
Retail Grocery - Executive Director of Perishables
Thanks to our partnership with H. Brooks, our produce sales have risen by up to 30% and shrink has been reduced by nearly 50%. We've been in business 28 years and have built a reputation by offering the best quality; and that's in large part due to Brooks. Plus, they've got an exceptional team of experts that offer assistance in merchandising, trends, optimum display temperatures and more. They love their jobs. And they make it fun for us to sell produce.
Retail Store Owner
Nobody does bananas like H. Brooks and Company. With long lead times and changing demand, bananas are our most challenging item. But H. Brooks makes sure the color is right, the taste is right and that the bananas hold up. I've always said that bananas reflect the quality of other produce. If you do a great job with them, your other products are sure to be top-notch.
Food Service Distributor
Bushel of Vegetables