Ron Costa

Costa Farm

As a second-generation farmer, Ron Costa of Costa Farm in White Bear Lake, Minnesota comes by farming naturally. His sons, now seven and 12, each help out at local markets and in the greenhouse. “It’s too soon to tell if the boys will follow in my footsteps, but my dad and I have farmed our entire lives.”

Costa Farm grows a wide array of vegetables, but John thinks his super sweet corn and tomatoes set them apart. “We get a lot of repeat customers.” he says, “The secret is in our sandy soil. We take a lot of pride in growing our produce.”

John likes nothing more than sitting up on his tractor and watching his corn grow from seed to seven-foot-high stalks, “I like being outside in the fields and working in the greenhouses,” he says. “I also like the retail end where I get to know our customers.”

And of course, when it comes to freshness, nothing beats locally grown. “Everything we grow not only tastes great, it’s 2,000 miles fresher.” Ron says.