Whether You Choose Fresh, Fresh - Cut or Organic Fruit, We've Got the Best, Freshest Selection.

Fresh Fruit:

There's nothing more irresistible than fresh-from-the-field fruit. As delicious as it is beautiful to display, fresh fruit from H. Brooks and Company is grown by the best in the business and will keep your customers coming back again and again.


Save time: Fresh-Cut offerings save preparation and cleanup time. Save money: because you purchase only what you need, eliminating waste like rinds, peelings, stems and stalks. Make money: increase your dollar revenue fast! Simplify safety: Fresh-Cut from H. Brooks and Company is made to order fresh daily in a local facility that exceeds all state and federal safety standards.

Whether you're a retail store looking for grab 'n' go items like party trays or fruit cups - or a food distributor needing ready-to-use items like five- pound bags of custom blended Fresh-Cut fruit - at H. Brooks and Company, we've got it all and more. Call us for the freshest, most delicious Fresh-Cut on the market.


  • No pre-booking - order today for delivery tomorrow.
  • Great consistency! Product checked continually for sugar content/brix levels and uniform cut size.
  • Only the finest quality bulk produce.
  • Complete turn-key solutions for retail and food service.
  • Custom processing available.
  • Fresh-Cut organic items available.
  • Private label or store labeled programs available.


According to Forbes magazine, last year consumers spent $23 billion on organic food. That's a 16% growth rate. Even with the double-digit growth this category has seen over the last decade, organic represents just a tiny percent of total food purchased in the U.S. That's good news. Because there's still lots more room to grow.

150 Fresh Organic Items Daily

At H. Brooks and Company, we feature about 150 fresh organic items daily. Plus, we are QAI certified organic and approved to handle Food Alliance Certified products. We have also been independently verified for our commitment to environmentally and socially responsible management.


  • Order as you need - no pre-booking!
  • Reduced lead time means better in-stock rates.
  • Many of our organic items are available as splits.
  • Frequent orders mean greater freshness.
  • We support local farmers for fewer food miles and fabulous freshness.
  • Clear labeling: we work with our growers to ensure organic products are labeled for accurate retail sell-through.