"After switching my salads to H. Brooks, it was amazing how they could consistently deliver dates three days or more fresher than my previous distributor. With absolutely no pre-booking, our salad sales are increasing and our shrink has virtually vanished."
Produce Director

Can salads be super-fresh and super-convenient? When they're from H. Brooks and Company they can.

Salads are one of your top 10 produce categories so, at H. Brooks and Company, we leave nothing to chance. Not only do we ship direct from the fields of the best west coast growers, we minimize warehouse times so our salads remain at their freshest. And we only buy from producers who lead the industry with safe handling procedures.

But that's just the beginning. At H. Brooks and Company, we work with you to continue increasing efficiency and profitability with programs like: point-of-purchase signage; expert consultation; produce department reviews, category management and more.