The Two-Color Banana Program: Part Art, Part Science.

At H. Brooks and Company, our reputation has been built on offering consistent supply. We're also famous for our two-color banana program. Here's what that means to you. Research shows a two-color store display can increase your sales by 30%.

Ripened to Perfection.

The art of banana ripening is a tradition at H. Brooks and Company, with wisdom passed down from generation to generation.

Because bananas ripen from the inside out, the fruit demands constant attention. Our ripeners provide it. At work every day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, we care for our bananas with the help of our state of the art banana ripening rooms - which are exacting in their ability to control temperature and humidity. Our care and diligence doesn't stop there. As a result of our 100-plus years of experience, we've developed special handling, loading and transportation methods that ensure your bananas arrive in a state of perfection.