When you sell smart. You sell more.

  1. Always try to display two colors for use now and later. This has been proven to increase sales by 30%.
  2. Be gentle when stocking bananas as they bruise very easily. You may not notice the damage immediately, but the consumer will as the bananas ripen.
  3. Never stack bananas more than two deep; this helps minimize bruising.
  4. Use multiple displays. They cross merchandise well in the cereal isle or near the check outs.
  5. Never refrigerate bananas; they chill at 54 degrees.
  6. Check displays often and remove any undesirable fruit.
  7. Make sure to offer organic bananas.
  8. Good tie-in items include pineapples and other tropical fruits.
  9. If possible, always have your banana displays face the traffic flow side. This can increase banana sales by 20%.
  10. Bananas generate heat as they ripen. If bananas not yet on display are ripening too fast, open plastic to slow the process down. During winter months banana packaging can help protect from cold drafts.